Carpal Tunnel Braces and Splints

If you’ve experienced the frustration of dropping things due to decreased grip strength from your carpal tunnel syndrome, you probably like the idea of a carpal tunnel splint or brace to support your wrist. You might feel that immobilizing your wrist will give it a “rest” and help it to heal, or allow you to perform your daily tasks without further injury. But does a carpal tunnel brace really help?

Carpal Tunnel Pain

Carpal tunnel symptoms generally present as burning, pain, weakness, tingling or numbness in your wrist, hand, arm, fingers and thumb. Without treatment, symptoms can worsen to the point that you drop things and become unable to perform simple tasks such as typing or writing.

The carpal tunnel is a slim tunnel surrounding the many bones of your wrist. A band of ligaments runs around the tunnel, lending support to the wrist, but when this band of tissue becomes inflamed, it encroaches into the tunnel and presses on the median nerve. This is the nerve that travels from your arm to your hand, thumb and first three fingers, and irritating it produces carpal tunnel syndrome. Fortunately, carpal tunnel relief does exist – and it’s natural and drug free! Read on to find out more.

Wrist Brace for Carpal Tunnel?

Many people like the idea of using a carpal tunnel splint to treat their symptoms. After all, carpal tunnel wrist braces have some advantages over other treatments:

Available without a prescription
But immobilizing the joint does nothing to ease the underlying cause of carpal tunnel syndrome and can actually make it worse and lead to other problems. That’s because joints aren’t designed to be immobile – the whole point of a joint is to move! When you immobilize a joint, it becomes stiff and weak, putting additional stress on other muscles that are forced to compensate.

Structural Basis of Carpal Tunnel

With carpal tunnel syndrome, the inflammation in the wrist is often caused when a bone (or bones) in the wrist becomes misaligned. This can happen for many reasons, including weight gain or loss, an impact of some kind, repetitive stress and even illness. By using a carpal tunnel wrist brace, you minimize the movement of the muscles and ligaments, which may temporarily ease the inflammation. But immobilizing the joint weakens it overall, creates more work for the upper arm – and does nothing to address the misalignment.

Luckily, there’s another drug-free, non-surgical approach to treating carpal tunnel that’s available without a prescription – and it’s all natural and highly effective!

Natural is Better

Carpal tunnel relief the safe, natural way image
Carpal tunnel symptoms and their causes can be eliminated safely and naturally.
Often the mal-positioned bone in the wrist is compounded by additional misalignments in the elbow or shoulder, and even in the neck or back. Getting all the way to the source of the problem is the key to effectively treating carpal tunnel syndrome. And getting to the source of the problem is just what chiropractic does!

All of our sponsoring doctors are highly-educated chiropractic professionals whose goal is to help people achieve – and maintain – optimal health and wellness. Because of this caring, whole-body approach, chiropractic has become the most popular alternative healing method in the world. Chiropractors are licensed in the state or states where they practice, and chiropractic is approved by most insurance and recognized by the federal government.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Gone!

Call a doctor today to get to the root of your carpal tunnel syndrome and eliminate the symptoms for good! The first thing the doctor will do is ask you lots of questions and listen intently to your responses – this is to determine whether you are well-suited to chiropractic. If you are, the doctor will do a thorough examination, the results of which will be explained to you. Then a strategy for restoring proper alignment will be laid out.

Your doctor will perform precise adjustments to any areas of misalignment, restoring proper positioning and alleviating the pressure on the median nerve. Chiropractic has such good results with carpal tunnel that relief is almost routine – though obviously, no specific results are guaranteed.

Chiropractors in Columbus can help you now.

If you want carpal tunnel relief that lasts, take action by calling a chiropractor near you today! Natural, effective, drug-free relief is a phone call away.

Carpal Tunnel Causes

Carpal tunnel syndrome has received a lot of attention in recent years, with many computer users complaining of symptoms. And it’s true that repetitive motions such as typing for long hours, using vibrating tools common in construction, and even cutting hair can contribute to carpal tunnel. But many people who don’t perform repetitive tasks suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome as well, and the truth is that most times, the underlying cause is unknown. Many factors can result in a mal-positioned bone or bones somewhere between the upper back and the hands, including obesity, some diseases and illnesses, pregnancy, trauma, and repetitive motion. Whatever the trigger, the misalignment creates inflammation in the carpal tunnel, which irritates the median nerve and causes the pain, burning, tingling, numbness, and weakness associated with carpal tunnel.

Open post

3 tips to overcome your fears

Do you fear something?

Go to the boss and ask for a salary increase.
Tell the girlfriend the opinion.
To draw the attention of the working colleagues to his wrongful conduct. Parents and friends of your coming out.
To hold a talk.
Disclose to the spouse that you are no longer in love. School / study or job break – contrary to pressure from the outside world. The one or more ad …

How the hell does one overcome these fears without turning back at the last moment like a straw in the wind?
Over the years, I’ve been using a few tools that help me enormously to tackle challenging situations and then go through them all the time.
You are facing a difficult situation? You know very well that it would be good for you to tackle the matter, instead of pushing it farther and farther ahead of you?
Then I have you here my three best tips, to face unpleasant situations and overcome the fear.
1. What is a pain

Close your eyes and imagine from which pain you will suffer if you do not get this thing fixed. How would it feel if you had the same problem in 5 years? How will your further life go if you continue to push this thing into yourself instead of actively doing something about it?
Perhaps you say now, “If I do not have to face the task, then I can not put a defeat, so I do not have to suffer pain.”
Not correct.
If you do not tackle your task, you will have to suffer a pain that is 10 times stronger than a temporary defeat. You will have to remember your whole life, how beautiful it would have been if …
… how nice it would have been to live a free life, to express your opinion, to free yourself from all your balances, to live your life!
In contrast to this tremendous, lifelong pain that will make your stomach feel unwell every day, a temporary defeat (if it occurs at all) is a clack.
Therefore imagine this pain as inwardly as you can. Yes, try to feel him.
Make this scenario as lively as possible. Close your eyes and think about how it will feel to be in the same spot in a year. Nothing has changed. Life goes past you, and you swallow every day a bitter pill after another and do not come out of you

2. What is the worst scenarios that can happen?

Whenever you get a bad feeling in your stomach when you think about your plans or when you are about to do so, ask yourself the following:
“What is the worst thing that can happen?”
What the hell is going to happen big?
You have to make a speech and forget everything you want to say. You are silent and just look blank on your paper.
And now?
Do you have to die? No!
Will your life change in any fundamental way? No!
Are you going to be expelled from society? No!
Will all people suddenly get up and leave the hall? No!
Will you be asleep again and again in your bed that evening, just like all other evenings? Yes, 100%!
When you look at the big picture, it does not matter which little defeats you have to put in. When you’re sitting in your rocking chair at 80, all these little problems, which are so great today, will only get you a tired smile.
So ask yourself again and again: What is the worst that can happen?

3. Commit yourself publicly

Commit yourself publicly to one (or better, several) fellow human beings, that you finally tackle this thing now. Go to your best friend and tell him about your plans. Tell him what you’re up to. Tell him that you wanted to do it for a long time and that you are doing it now – come what may. Be specific in your wording. When exactly and where do you want to do it? Who can testify that you did it?
Alone by expressing your intentions aloud, you are in an action state. You said it. According to. With your mouth. And the other has heard.
Besides, you know it yourself. This is incredibly motivating. Now it is no longer just thought that has been dying forever in your brain disorder, and for restlessness, now you have expressed the thought and communicated to another.
So you are not only determined to do it, no, now you have also committed yourself against someone else. Turning back now is harder than just making it !!!
This is the most efficient way I know to grab something uncomfortable. Commit yourself to someone else and force yourself to pull it through.
You can also commit yourself against yourself (without friend or control). However, I can tell you right away that it will most likely not be. Because this requires strict self-discipline and it is easier to think of self-excuses, why it is once again “unfavorable” or “not the right time” to make it.
For this reason, I have created a sub-section in the forum where you can commit yourself to others to finally tackle your challenges.